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Mathematics (M,m)

Faculty: Kent Bessey, Greg Cameron, Paul Cox, Ryan Cromar, Brad Garner, Troy Goodsell, Shane Goodwin, Ann Marie Harmon, Daris Howard, Paul Johanson, Craig Johnson, Melanie Kennelly, Bonnie Moon, Jackie Nygaard, Susan Orme, Richard Pieper, Danae Romrell, Jason Rose, David Stowell, Elizabeth Toy, Heidi Turner, Ben Woodruff


Department Description


The Math Education major is designed to help students become qualified mathematics instructors in secondary education programs.Qualified mathematics instructors greatly influence our children’s success in becoming informed and capable members of society. Consequently, such instructors are a vital part of every secondary education program. As technology continues to advance and influence our daily lives, the demand for quality mathematics instruction has increased. This high demand has caused a shortage of qualified instructors. Hence, graduates skilled in secondary mathematics instruction have little difficulty finding careers in education.

In order to provide students with the experiences necessary to become exceptional teachers, the Mathematics Education program focuses on the following areas: a rigorous understanding of mathematical concepts, applying the principles of the BYU-Idaho Learning model to mathematics instruction, implementing a variety of teaching pedagogies, using technology appropriately for instruction, learning to communicate mathematical concepts well, and developing professional behaviors. Emphasis on becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ permeates and enhances all of these student experiences. Students that fully participate in and master these objectives will leave BYU-Idaho able to deliver high quality mathematics instruction at public or private secondary institutions.


The Department of Mathematics offers two degrees:

--Bachelor's of Science in Applied Mathematics

--Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics Education