Hiring Process and Procedures

Hiring Process and Procedures for Field Supervisors*

Field Services Office, Teacher Education Department


  1. Need is identified by our office or the field.

  2. A candidate is sought through the following sources and in the following order:

    1. The school principal

    2. Area Coordinators in cooperation with supervisors as needed

    3. School district Human Resources Department

    4. Through listing on our website

  3. Possible candidates are invited to apply. Application includes:

    1. Application - demographic information

    2. Resume or vita

    3. Response to a case study (mentoring a student with special needs)

    4. A lesson plan of their own creation that represents best practices in teaching

    5. At least one letter of reference/recommendation from someone who has seen them teach

    6. At least one letter of reference/recommendation from someone who has knowledge of the mentoring skills

  4. Applications are reviewed internally and the decision is narrowed to three possible candidates

  5. Candidates are interviewed by the director of FSO and a panel (area coordinator, the school's principal and/or a cooperating teacher, local supervisor, and when possible, the department chair and/or faculty from campus)

  6. Candidates are evaluated on the following criteria:

    1. Depth, breadth, and length of teaching experience (3 years minimum experience required)

    2. Depth, breadth, and length of mentoring experience(s),

    3. Knowledge of current best practices and experience using them,

    4. Knowledge of and connection to the climate and culture of the school they will be associated with

  7. Decision is made by the Director of FSO after conferencing with all stakeholders

  8. An offer is tendered to the person with notice given that it is conditional upon having a satisfactory ecclesiastical endorsement and a background check

  9. Paperwork is forwarded to HR for processing; including a start date, pay rate category, ward/stake information, contact information, etc.

    1. HR seeks an ecclesiastical endorsement

    2. HR sends privacy training link to FSO

  10. New hire completes online privacy training and FSO Director issues permission for access to student data.

  11. FTC is asked to grant permissions in BrainHoney

  12. SRR adds new hire to BrainHoney

  13. New hire is issues an email and password and then added to BrainHoney (ED 492 and ED 494).

  14. Attaché case and business cards are sent to the new hire.

  15. Training for the new hire is provided by the area coordinator and the FSO Placement Coordinator, under the direction of the Director of FSO



* This process does not apply to contractees who are hired temporarily as supervisors