Accreditation 2011

"Teaching is the noblest profession in the world." -- David O. McKay


Self-Study Report and Evidence

October 2011

The website contains the results of a self study led by the Teacher Education Department in cooperation with 21 other programs/departments that administer 47 majors and minors. Each progam, prepared with their own evidence are responsible to tie that evidence into their program's standards. The Teacher Education Department was also responsible for collecting and reporting data that overarches all programs, including surveys, Praxis II data and demographics. The Teacher Education Department also produced the NCATE report.

Responsibility for this undertaking switched from the Associate Dean to the Field Services Office in July 2011. With this change came a refocusing of our department on assessment. The details of this change are detailed below.


Summary of what has changed in the last 18 months.

Creation of the Field Services Office


Catalog changes

Increased faculty involvement in the field (esp. SECED)

Hiring criteria and process for field supervisors (higher standards)


Planned Changes:  Current and Ongoing

Secondary Education Committee

Assessment system for students and the department(s) – An e-portfolio system

Student tracking, remediation, and quality control

Changes to current evaluation system:  New categories, based on developmental psychology