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Digital Equipment Policy

Please read the following policies. If you have any questions, please call the Circulation Desk in the McKay Library at 208-496-9520.

Please click on either of the "Digital Equipment Policy" buttons below to view the correct policy.


Digital Equipment Policy

NOTICE To All Users:

  1. If equipment is late there will be a $10 charge per day.
  2. If equipment is missing parts and/or broken the user or department is responsible for repair or replacement of equipment used. The user is responsible for all the equipment; to make sure he/she has everything before checking an item in or out.
  3. These are general guidelines. We understand that circumstances may warrant exceptions to these policies, which will be considered on an individual basis.
    1. Video, Still and Audio Digital Equipment – Call x9520.
    2. Laptop/Notebook – Call x9012 or x9011.


  1. Employees may check out equipment for academic uses.
    1. Digital Equipment for academic uses (improving instruction or research) for a 24 hour period.
    2. Laptop/Notebook equipment for a 2 week maximum period.
    However, employees should plan to keep the equipment for the shortest amount of time possible to make it available to others. Some exceptions may apply.
  2. Employees must pickup and drop off
    1. Digital equipment at the Circulation Desk – McKay Library
    2. Laptop/Notebook at the University Help Desk – MCK322.
    Delivery services are not provided.
  3. Scheduling equipment in advance will assure availability. The equipment can only be scheduled in advanced for academic purposes.
  4. Faculty who want to reserve digital equipment on behalf of their students must supply the Circulation Services with the following information before a student can check out digital equipment – email the information to
    1. Class or group information and a list of students for each class or group – This is preferred.
    2. Or email (using your BYUI email account) the following information:
      1. Employee name
      2. Department
      3. Phone
      4. Student name
      5. What equipment the student will need to check out (4 hours maximum)
    3. Overnight, weekends, and more than 4 hour time limit would be an exception and would need to be cleared by the Circulation Services supervisor –information for this is in “Notice to All Users” above item 3.


(only applicable for digital equipment)

  1. The student must have at the time of checkout:
    1. A current phone number
    2. I-Card
    3. Permission from a BYU-Idaho Employee (class list or employee BYUI email)
  2. There is a 4 hour limit for digital equipment check out (a late fee will be applied). Students should plan to keep the equipment for the shortest amount of time possible to make it available to others.
  3. Check in/out times for digital equipment will be correlated with the Library hours. 
  4. Students must pickup and drop off digital equipment at the Circulation Desk.
  5. Scheduling digital equipment in advance will assure availability. The equipment can only be scheduled in advance for academic purposes; not for personal use. Students can schedule digital equipment in advance if permission is provided by a BYUI employee.

Non-Academic USE for digital equipment

  1. If a non-academic department wants to use equipment, special arrangements need to be made. Call (x9515) and visit with the Circulation Services supervisor.


  1. University digital equipment can be checked out for university academic purposes only.


Contact Information


Student Technology Center (STC)


David O. McKay Library

Digital Equipment
& Circulation Supervisor
Robyn Holderman

University Help Desk

Technology Service Coordinator
Tyson Freeman

Kevin Cook
Customer Service Coordinator

Faculty Technology Center