Accept/Decline BYU-Idaho Admission Offer

  • Accept or decline your BYU-Idaho admission offer online at

  • You must decline your offer online if you no longer plan to attend BYU-Idaho.

  • As an Online Degree Student, you are not assigned a track. You can enroll in classes all three semesters if you wish, or you may take up to two consecutive semesters off without any penalty.

  • As a newly admitted student, you will be assinged a Student Ambassdor who will answer your questions about attending BYU-Idaho and help guide you through the New Student Guide.

Computer and Technology Preparation

  • Ensure that you have daily access to a computer with a reliable internet access. For system requirements, click here.

  • Laptops are highly recommended.

Access Your Student Portal ( & BYUI Email)

  • Access your BYUI e-mail account.

  • Frequently access your BYU-Idaho email account through your student portal. Email is the official method of communication at BYU-Idaho. You are responsible for all emails sent to you from the university.

  • Urgent Notices - Contains urgent information (sent as needed).

  • Student Advisory - Contains essential University information (sent on Tuesdays).

  • The Feed - Features campus life and promotional information (sent on Thursdays).

  • Online New Student Update - Contains information about preparing to attend BYU-I (sent on Fridays as needed).

  • Having problems with web access, Net ID's, password, computer issues, etc.? Contact the Technology Help Desk by clicking here  or by call 1-866-237-5195.

Prepare to Register for Classes

  • Determine your registration date. Registration is determined by the number of college credits already completed and posted to your BYU-Idaho transcript. Registration is not usually available immediately after acceptance.

  • The BYU-Idaho Student Records and Registration Office will email you information regarding the registration process. Review their documents about student privacy as well as BYU-Idaho's Academic Standards.

Register for Classes

  • Registration for classes begins on your designated day at 6:00 a.m. (MST).

Register for GS 111: Realize Vision.:

  • We recommend you register for this helpful block course that will provide you with:

  • Training on being an online student at BYU-Idaho.

  • A deep understanding of the Spirit of Ricks.

  • An understanding of Disciple Leadership.

  • The opportunity to create a Graduation Plan which maps out your remaining coursework.

  • If you completed the Pathway program, you do not need to take GS 111. However, you do need to contact the Academic Discover Center ( to meet with an Online Advisor to create a graduation plan.

  • This course should be taken your first semester as an online student before you begin any other courses in the Online Program.

Familiarize Yourself with Academic Advising

Apply for Financial Aid/Create Financial Plan

  • For Federal Financial Aid, including Pell grants and loans, fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible. See the Financial Aid website for a link to the application and deadlines. If you will be getting married soon please contact your Financial Aid Advisor before completing the FAFSA.

    By law, any conviction for a drug violation makes you ineligible for Student Financial Aid.

Pay Tuition

  • Payment for tuition is always due the first day of class.

    To pay your tuition, click on the "finances" tab on the website.  

    For payment methods, see Payment Methods

  • VISA, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard are accepted with a 2.75% service charge (subject to change) for tuition and student charges.

BYU-Idaho Welcome

  • New online students have the opportunity to hear President Clark G. Gilbert and his wife, Christine, welcome them to BYU-Idaho.

  • The BYU-Idaho Welcome will stream live Friday, April 15, at 3:30 p.m. (MT). Click here, to view the Welcome. (Stream is available up to 72 hours after the Broadcast.)

First Day of Class: Access I-Learn

  • Courses are accessable via I-Learn which can be found by:

  • Logging into

  • Clicking on the "I-Learn" tab.

  • Clicking on the desired course.

  • On the first day of class, log into each class, review the syllabus and course outline, and post your introduction.

Obtain Your I-Card

  • Online students have the opportunity to receive a student ID card (I-Card).  If you wish to recieve an I-Card, please click here and follow the steps.

  • Your I-Card will either be sent to your ecclesiastical leader or to your home address.