Why Do I Have to Live in Approved Housing?

Approved housing is an important component of the BYU-Idaho single student experience. The University seeks to create the best spiritual, academic and social environment possible where students can learn and live the principles of Zion. Approved housing is the foundation for these principles to take root.  It provides students with a practical experience in living with other people, learning to compromise and work together, develop life-long friendships, experience resolving conflict, learning from other individuals, and strengthening discipleship and leadership in the apartment.

Church Affliation

According to Kriss Pond, the Student Living Manager, approved housing serves three important functions. First, being that the university is affiliated with the Church, there are stake and ward assignments which are created from the approved housing complexes. It would be very difficult for ecclesiastical leaders to re-align wards and stakes based on where students live within the entire community and the rate of turn-over of student residences.  With approved complexes, our computer software communicates with several entities for tracking enrollment and apartment vacancies which allow us to facilitate ward and stake divisions in advance.

Better Community Relations

Secondly, approved housing helps the university and students maintain complete compliance with city ordinances and create harmony with the city by keeping students near campus. Most students are unaware of occupancy ordinances in the city as well as parking regulations.  Additionally, from experience, we have learned that when students spill over into the community, the rental prices will increase to accommodate the added costs of having more adults in an apartment consuming energy, water, and creating waste and wear and tear to the apartment.  Approved housing complexes are all-inclusive, with furnishings, utilities, waste disposal, internet and often cable included.

Helps University Intervene on Student's Behalf

Thirdly, approved housing allows the university to have leverage when dealing with landlords when maintenance or financial issues arise.  Idaho law requires a tenant continue to pay rent even while living in substandard or unsafe housing. When students have problems with the landlords of approved housing, the University can intervene and act as advocate on behalf of the student.  The university also performs annual property inspections to ensure that the standards of the university are taught and upheld which pertain to our goal of providing safe, comfortable, and clean housing for BYU-Idaho students.  Students who actively contribute to the culture and environment of the complex in which they live will find that the blessings and benefits of living in approved housing are rich and hold lasting benefits in relationships and memories.

Source: Kriss Pond, Student Living Manager

For more information: www.byui.edu/housing