Concealed Weapons On Campus

Why are there no weapons allowed on campus, even if a student has a concealed weapons permit?

A concealed weapons permit does not give citizens the right to carry concealed weapons on private property. This is a privately owned university, and has made the decision to not allow concealed weapons on campus. We understand that students may be concerned about not being able to protect themselves if there were a serious threat on campus. However, citizens with a concealed weapons permit are trained to handle a firearm, but not defend the community. The Security Officers on campus qualified to carry firearms have undergone extensive physical and psychomotor training, along with adequate psychological analysis, exceeding state expectations. By not allowing concealed weapons on campus we are allowing for campus security and police to be able to respond ideally.

Why can't students have weapons in Brigham Young University-Idaho approved housing complexes?

Students are allowed to have weapons on Approved Housing property. In order to bring weapons they must make arrangements with the Housing Manager. If given permission by the manager, the students may store their weapons in a locked gun safe under the control of the manger. If a student wishes to use their weapon for recreational activities they must go through the manger to get access to their weapons. The purpose of this policy is to control and monitor the presence and accessibility of lethal weapons, which could potentially cause harm to self and others, and to add another measure of security against manager liability.

Source: Garth Gunderson, Director of University Security and Safety