President Kim B. Clark Addresses Student Leaders

Over 275 Student Leaders attend Spring 2012 Student Leadership Forum

May 22, 2012

Writer: Kevin Orton, SRC Program Assistant

Kim B. Clark, President of Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-Idaho) spoke on May 10, 2012 to student leaders at the highest attended Student Leadership Forum in the University's history. Clark explained to students that the Spirit of Ricks is the special feeling students will feel when they are on campus. He encouraged students to strive and keep the Spirit of Ricks as not only students but also as alumni, "You don't understand the difference one BYU-Idaho alumni can make in the workplace."

The Student Representative Council (SRC) organized and hosted the event. Student Body President Rodrigo Stabio presided and introduced President Clark, mentioning some little known facts about the former Harvard Business School Dean. Such as telling Stabio his favorite candy bar was Butterfinger but then his wife, Sue Clark, reminded him that it was actually Payday. The SRC invited all directors, coordinators, managers, society presidents, association presidents, and various other student leaders around campus to attend the event. "We had over 275 student leaders show up, surpassing our goal of 220," said Stabio.

President Clark opened the forum with students asking him questions about the origin of the Spirit of Ricks. He explained it was a phrase students and faculty started using many years ago to describe the spirit felt on campus, but he was unsure of the origin. He mentioned the importance of students taking the Spirit of Ricks with them after they graduate. He said, "The Spirit of Ricks will become the Spirit of "your family." He then mentioned of the numerous reports of BYU-Idaho alumni "building those around them," a fulfillment of a promise made by President Henry B. Eyring when he spoke to students in 2001. Clark also said that when people ask him what they feel the campus will be like in 20 years he responds, "I don't know what it will be like in 20 years but I know, because this is the Lord's university, it will feel the same.  You will feel the power of the Holy Ghost like you did when you were a student here." President Clark also mentioned that whenever he leaves for any reason he is always drawn back to the University because of the Spirit of Ricks.

The next Student Leadership Forum will be held on October 4, 2012. Any student leaders interested in attending will receive an invitation from the SRC or their faculty advisors.