SRC Launches New Website to Communicate with Students

February 21, 2012

Writer: Andrew Henley

The Student Representative Council has launched a new website that includes frequent posts with Student Voice survey results, explanations of university policies (called University Responses), and updates on what student representatives are doing to improve the student experience at BYU-Idaho.

"Ever since the Student Voice was started, we've had no trouble getting input from students on a wide variety of issues. However, our real problem has been effectively communicating back to the students what is being done with their opinions and suggestions," said Senior Andrew Henley, who formerly served as the SRC's Student Voice Coordinator and is now helping develop the new site.

Henley explained that the university's new website (formerly known as the "Beta Site") opened up new capabilities such as the option of having a blog-style news page where new content can be added on a regular basis to keep students coming back for more information.