• 1. Office Initiate
  • Petition Created

    1st Step

    Call or walk into Student Records and Registration to initiate an . [Transcript changes (drop/withdraw), academic standing (suspension, dismissal), graduation requirements.]

    A form with questions will be emailed to you.

    Contact us:

    Email: srrpetitions@byui.edu
    Phone: 208-496-1023
    Address: 190 Kimball Building

  • 2. Student Submit
  • Complete Petition

    2nd Step

    Answer every question and attach supporting documents if applicable. Keep information clear, concise, and relevant to your petition and situation. Don’t forget to proof read your petition before submitting.

  • 3. Office Prep
  • Gathering Information

    3rd Step

    Depending on the petition, Exception Counselors will gather information such as professor’s comments, degree progress, additional department input, and clarification of specifics

  • 4. Committee Review
  • Your Petition is Reviewed

    4th Step

    All documents including the responses you submitted along with additional information from the “Office Prep” stage are reviewed in committee. The committee consists of faculty, administrations, and student representation.


  • 5. Decision Made
  • A Final Decision

    5th Step

    A decision is made once the Committee has weighed all options. The committee is tasked with doing what they consider to be equitable for the student and protecting the integrity of BYU-Idaho.

  • 6. Notification Given
  • Decision Notification

    6th Step

    You will receive a decision email to your byui.edu email address. You will also receive a call from an Exception Counselor to answer any questions and explore further options.

  • 7. Changes if Applicable
  • Final Stage

    7th Step

    Depending on the committee’s decision changes to your official record may be applied.