Family Home Evening Lessons

LESSON TWO - Pleading for the Spirit to Abide in Our Home
"The Lord "doth not dwell in unholy temples," and neither does His Spirit" (Alma 7:21)
To help any willing couple to bring and sustain the power of the Spirit in their home.
As we pray earnestly, we will receive an increased influence from the Spirit.
Having the Spirit in our home should be the goal of every Latter-Day couple. When our home is an environment where the Spirit of the Lord dwells we are on the path that leads to eternal life. Many couples want the Spirit in their home, but don't know what to change differently to feel the Spirit's power more frequently. Others may know helpful things to do but lack the motivation. This lesson is designed to help any willing couple to bring and sustain the power of the Spirit in their home.

Prayer & Inspiration - Listen to a short message from President Monson
"It takes prayer offered in faith and it takes obedience to the commandments of God. For some of us it may take more prayer, but for all of us it will take more faith. We need to have unshaken confidence that the Spirit will come to attend us.
"Part of that faith is our determination, as we plead for the Spirit, that we will obey its direction.
"So, you can be sure that an increased influence of the Spirit will come. You can expect it in the days and months ahead. Your prayers will rise a little higher, your determination to obey will increase, and you will find that the Spirit is teaching you the peaceable things in less peaceful times."
Questions for Discussion
  1. Do we pray individually?
  2. Do we pray as a couple?
  3. Do we pray as a family?
  4. In order to be diligent, what time of day will we set aside to have our individual, couple and family prayers (examples: right before breakfast, right when we get up, after dinner)?
  5. What are the blessings promised to us as we pray to our Heavenly Father?
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