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The Graphic Designers will create visuals for print, web, and film. Graphic designers will help to brainstorm and draft up creative ideas to help market and promote different events, activities, and branches of the Student Activities and Services Division. The Designer will work collaboratively with full time employees, fellow employees, and stakeholders to create effective designs that fit within the approved strategy and visual identity of SLC.
  • Graphic Design major preferred
  • Must know beyond the basics of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Any additional knowledge of other adobe programs is a plus.
  • Must be able to sketch ideas of the design and present those sketches before creating something digitally.
  • Must understand the basic principles of design, including but not limited to: alignment, hierarchy, rhythm, rule of thirds, etc.
Responsible for operating cameras and lighting equipment during SLC, activities, volunteer photo shoots, council photos, and special projects. Will clean up or edit pictures as needed, and keep the photos organized and properly named.
  • Photography student preferred
  • Own equipment is a plus
  • Adobe Light Room, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign knowledge is a plus
  • Good knowledge of photography principles such as, light exposure, rule of thirds, editing, etc.
  • Willing to accept and receive feedback
Accomplishes SLC objectives by managing, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, and communicating with clients and SLC employees; must simultaneously manage multiple projects and report to clients and coworkers when needed.
  • Marketing/Business Student preferred
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Personable and comfortable creating relationships with potential clients
  • Excellent writing skills
Specializes in video content experiences for the web, mobile devices and corporate communications. All videos used for social media, training and internal purposes will be created for SLC.
  • Preferably a Communications Major with an emphasis on video production
  • Must know beyond basics of Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premier pro. Plus if you know how to use Adobe Audacity
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator a plus
Responsible for the maintenance and developing of web-site pages for all of the departments under the SLC division.
  • Preferably a CIT major student
  • Must know CSS, Javascript, and HTML beyond the basics
  • Must know how to code for mobile devices
  • Bootstrap knowledge is a plus
Responsible for editing and creating creative writing and copy for websites, videos, print materials, and editing existing materials.
  • Preferably an English major, or Communications major with an emphasis in Journalism
  • Excellent written and oral skills
  • Must have some experience editing written documents
  • Experience with creative writing
  • Excellent knowledge of script writing and copy writing, (plus if you have taken a copyrighting class)
  • Understand the basics of Indesign (preferable)
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft office software