CES Honor Code

What is the CES Honor Code?

It's one of the defining characteristics of your BYU-Idaho experience. But what exactly is the CES Honor Code? Is it simply a list or rules or is there more to it than that? When you were admitted to BYU-Idaho, you promised with your signature to live the Honor Code. So it's important that you truly understand what the Honor Code is and why we agree to live by it.

On My Honor

Please read this amazing address given at BYU by President Spencer W. Kimbal in 1978. It is more true today than ever.

"It is my understanding that each student who enrolls in this great institution and its sister Church institutions understands before coming here what the rules and regulations are, and he or she signs the enrollment sheet with a firm promise to obey those rules and regulations."


Personal Honor

At its core, the Honor Code is about being True at All Times. Please click the banner below to view several short videos.