Step 2 - The Application

Application Information

Prepare for the primary and secondary/supplemental applications.  Learn More...

Application Information Tools
Application Service (AACPMAS)
Official List of Podiatry Schools
Request Transcripts      

Academic Admission Factors

Keep your GPA competitive as you fulfill prerequisite classes.  Learn more...

Academic Admission Factors Tools
BYU-Idaho Tutoring Center
BYU-Idaho Math Study Center

Entrance Exam (MCAT)

Take practice tests to prepare for the MCAT.  Learn more...

Entrance Exam Tools
Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)
Official MCAT Practice Test
Kaplan Test Preparation
Princeton Review Test Preparation

Non-Academic Admission Factors

Start getting involved in extracurricular activities now.  Learn more...

Non-Academic Admission Factors Tools
Non-Academic Factors Sequencing (PDF)
Non-Academic Factors Timeline (PDF)
BYU-Idaho Activities  
List of BYU-Idaho Societies  

Letters of Evaluation

Develop professional relationships with potential evaluators.  Learn more...

Letters of Evaluation Tools
AACPMAS LOE Instructions
BYU-I LOE Service Instructions         
BYU-I LOE Evaluator Form (PDF)

Personal Statement

Express the reasons you chose the podiatric profession.  Learn more...

Personal Statement Tools
AACPMAS Instructions
Personal Statement Reviews - Sign Up
BYU-Idaho Writing Center