A visual Journal: Artwork of Henry B. Eyring

Exhibit closes at 4pm on October 20, 2017.

   Henry B. Eyring, who serves as First Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was at first reluctant to allow an exhibition of his artistic work. Widely recognized as a teacher, writer, and speaker, President Eyring has creative talents that have been known to relatively few-until now. This exhibition provides a wider audience the opportunity to discover his skill as a draftsman and watercolorist.

  The sampling of artwork presented in the exhibition-entitled A Visual Journal-represents but a small fraction of the artist's work over many years. He has spent a lifetime refining his sense of color and design, seeking to express the beauty of the natural world. President Eyring has also used these small and sensitive paintings to illustrate his journals, even sending some as postcards to friends.   As a General Authority for the past 30 years, President Eyring has had immense demands on his time. He does, however, exemplify how one's talents can be magnified, even minutes or fractions of an hour at a time. He has cultivated his gift by creating smaller-sized pieces with his available moments. While not majestic in scale, these works have a powerful impact and demonstrate the gifts and creations of a loving God.    President Eyring ultimately agreed to the exhibition of his work out of a hope of providing visitors with a unique, spiritual perspective on testimony and faith. And he approved displaying his artwork in a venue that holds special meaning to him. During some of his years as president of Ricks College, his office was here in the Jacob Spori Building.   We thank President Eyring for the generous gift of his artwork and hope all will feel the creative spirit of A Visual Journal.  

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