We commonly give orientations and demonstrations on the history of recordkeeping and printing, the English Bible, primary sources, local and campus history, family history, and other topics. We can also design an orientation based on the materials we have and the needs of a course with advanced notice. 

Special Collections houses a variety of rare artifacts, books, and manuscripts. Along with these we also have obtained a replica of the 1820 Grandin Press used to print the original copies of the Book of Mormon.

To schedule an appointment or discuss how our holdings can benefit your course, please contact Chris Olsen at (208) 496-9513 or olsenc@byui.edu, or Adam Luke at (208) 496-9545 or lukea@byui.edu.

To schedule a time to see the Iron Acorn Press contact Sam Nielson at (208) 496-9535 or e-mail him at nielsons@byui.edu.


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