Musical Heritage of the Upper Snake River Valley

The massive project that generated the documents in this collection ran from 1975 until 1978. The project, entitled "The Musical Heritage of the Upper Snake River Valley and its effect on human lives" was an in-depth evaluative study of the region's musical traditions. The collection comprises the records created in the course of the project. It includes correspondence, research files, biographical sketches of local musicians, music history of communities, and texts of presentations. Photographs, slides and video tapes have been separated.

For the complete collection, follow this link: MSSI 1: Ruth Barrus Papers

About Ruth Barrus

Ruth Barrus

Ruth Barrus was born in Rigby, Idaho in 1912. She began teaching organ and piano part­time at Ricks College in 1934 and began full­time in 1947. She received her M.A. from BYU. In 1975 she began the Musical Heritage project on leave from Ricks College, but died in 1978 before the project was completed.

Communities are in alphabetical order

Idaho Falls



Ricks College