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Current Exhibit

Come See The Fair! Celebrating 125 Years of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago

Come See the Fair!

Iron Acorn Press

Iron Acorn PressThe Smith Improved Printing Press displayed in the Iron Acorn Press room replicates the printing press invented by Peter Smith (1795-1823) that Egbert Bratt Grandin used to print the 1st Edition of The Book of Mormon.  Peter Smith earned a degree from Yale University and owned a carpentry shop-- Smith, Hoe and Co.--that specialized in wood products for printers.  Smith, Hoe, and Co. made the Smith Improved Press available to the market in 1822.

The press is on display in room 249 of the McKay Library.  The press is open to visitors.  To schedule a visit and tour, please contact Brother Sam Nielson at  nielsons@byui.edu.

This press marks the third copy manufactured by Steve Pratt.  Pratt chose to sand-cast the major parts of the press at a foundry in Nephi, Utah.  Pratt chose to cast the other steel cast parts in a lost-wax ceramic-mold process at a foundry in American Fork, Utah. Both of these foundries completed their work in the summer of 2007. From then until October 2008, Steve Pratt finished the castings, made other castings, cut steel parts, and machined surfaces. The resulting press exhibits the shape, markings, and other anomalies of the press used by Grandin (aside from the bright BYU-I blue color). Minus a few minor 'improvements' for strength, the press on display holds all the original charm of the press E.B. Grandin used in the 1820s. 

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Rosetta Stone