MSSI Number Title Description
MSSI 92  Andrea Radke Oral History Project This register contains interviews conducted by students at BYU-Idaho to relatives, mainly grandparents. Each interview is in audio form and contains a hard copy.
MSSI 7  Anna Johnson Papers The Anna Johnson Manuscript Collection consists primarily of Johnson's poetry.
MSSI 70  Archibald Genealogy Scrapbook This register contains the life of David and Lillie Archibald as written by them
MSSI 29  Arthur Porter Jr. Papers This collection consists of Porter's correspondence, financial records, scrapbooks, and diaries.
MSSI 95  Aviation Department Records, Student Files This register contains information of the aviation program at Ricks College. There are names of the different students that were involved in the program and what they accomplished.
MSSI 87  Blair C. Rich Papers Contains 5 series of different tests and information on dentistry gathered by Blair C. Rich.
MSSI 71  Brown Genealogy Scrapbook Contains a book of remembrance of Brown family. The book was edited and compiled by Margaret Rigby.
MSSI 143  Business Club Scrapbooks Photographs and scrapbooks documenting activities of the Ricks College Business Club.
MSSI 140  BYU-Idaho Outreach Records Letters of correspondence, applications, acceptance letters, forms, audit reports, receipts, budget projections, newspaper clippings, contact information, summaries, project proposals and general records of the BYU-Idaho Outreach program that took place in Mexico from 1998-2006.
MSSI 85  Cecil E. Hart Papers A majority of the collection pertains to his life as an active member of the LDS Church, Stake President, Regional Representative, Temple President, and French Mission Correspondence; most of which is from the First Presidency.
MSSI 13  Charles Calvin Moore Papers The Charles Calvin Moore papers held by Brigham Young University-Idaho are comprised of the incomplete personal correspondence files created by Moore between 1929 and 1933.
MSSI 125  Charles Smith Harman Family Records Family Record of Charles Smith Harman descendant of Robert William Blanthorn and the Temple Ordinance Records of Latter-Day-Saints from Berks, England done in early 1900's.
MSSI 94  Clark County Historical Society Photo Collection This register contains film strips of different pictures taken by Clark County residents in the early 1900's. The pictures have been scanned digitally for viewing.
MSSI 116  Clifford Rigby Collection This collection contains Clifford Rigby's papers and photographs from his life and mission in Germany.
MSSI 51  Clyde Ormond Papers The Clyde Ormond collection consists of articles, photographs, manuscripts, realia, and correspondence created by Clyde Ormond during his half-century career as an outdoor writer.
MSSI 82  Crowder Oral History Collection The interviews primarily focus on World War I and the Great Depression. The collection was labeled Oral History Project Number one.
MSSI 114  Darwin Wolford Sheet Music This collection contains sheet music by Darwin Wolford.
MSSI 26  Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (Sariah Camp) Life Sketches This collection is the home to several life sketches of early pioneers in Utah and Idaho.
MSSI 27  Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Minutes This collection contains minutes from different girls camps from the years 1933-1988.
MSSI 101  Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Sunbonnet Camp Records This register contains photocopies of the camp's rolls, minutes and charters from 1937-1997.
MSSI 138  Daughters of Utah Pioneers Daughters of the Utah Pioneers of the Freemont Association: collected stories and histories (5 Books).
MSSI 15  David L. Crowder The David L. Crowder collection includes research notes, drafts of books, typescripts, newspaper clippings, and correspondence relating to southeastern Idaho with a focus on Rexburg and Ricks College.
MSSI 111  David Peck Perspective Articles This collection contains the rough drafts and revised versions of David Peck's Perspective articles.
MSSI 97  David Pulsipher's History 121 Oral History Collection This register contains interviews conducted by Ricks College students. The interviews were based on several subjects, some repeated, to people who lived in the time of the event and how it affected their lives.
MSSI 55  Delbert Taylor Papers This manuscript is sealed until 2025 to ensure that all involved in issue have passed on.
MSSI 72  Drew Genealogy Part 1: Pedigree charts (numerically arranged) and family group record sheets (alphabetically arranged).
MSSI 73  Drew Genealogy Part 2: Family group record sheets (alphabetically arranged) showing collateral relatives.
MSSI 48  Early Rexburg Commercial Papers The Early Rexburg Commercial Papers Collection consists of hundreds of documents and business paraphernalia from the Rexburg area during the years from 1900-1930.
MSSI 93  Edwin H. Bohi Collection This register contains scriptural notes, financial records, and ward minutes.
MSSI 64  Elwood Walker Chambers Papers This collection consists of several personal histories compiled by Elwood Walker Chambers about his immediate ancestry.
MSSI 37  Eric Walz History 300 Collection of Oral Histories and Research Papers The Oral history interviews in this collection were conducted by the students in Dr. Walz's History Research & Writing Course to people who are primarily war veterans of World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War.
MSSI 36  Faculty and Staff Oral History Project This collection contains oral histories from various faculty and staff members at Ricks College. There is a hard copy and a cassette copy for each interview.
MSSI 4  Flamm Funeral Home Records Photocopies of a name index from the Flamm Funeral Home years 1917-1928.
MSSI 20 Fremont Stake Records This collection houses early letters and land deeds owned by the Fremont Stake.
MSSI 18 Fulcher/Smith Correspondences This collection contains correspondence letters of the Elkenah Andrews Smith and Mary Eade Fulcher Family.
MSSI 109  Funeral Record Book This collection is a book containing funerals from years 1939-1955.
MSSI 108  Gale D. Reeser Library History Research Collection This collection contains research materials used for the book written by Gale D. Reeser about the David O. Mckay Library.
MSSI 112  Gearldine Koirth Journals This collection contains Gearldine Koirth's Journals from 1983 to 1995.
MSSI 130  Geisha Doll Wigs Variety of Geisha wigs to dolls.
MSSI 134  Grandin Press This collection contains the Grandin Printing Press (BYU-I Replica) informational pamphlet, plans, and other materials intended for the Printing Press.
MSSI 31  Great Feeder Canal Company Records The minute books document nearly a century of the company's annual meetings, from 1896-1989.
MSSI 106  Harold Forbush Journal and Papers This collection consists of weekly Journals and other miscellaneous papers written by Harold S. Forbush.
MSSI 22  Harold Forbush Manuscripts This manuscript consists of two books: "Idaho Falls LDS Hospital" and "Education in the Upper Snake River Valley".
MSSI 50 Harold Forbush Oral History Collection This collection is the result of an ongoing joint effort between the BYU-Idaho Special Collections & Archives and the Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society.
MSSI 59  Henry Mathews Papers In this manuscript, On The Home Front, Mathews discusses the successes, failures, and the methods of implementing the Rationing program.
MSSI 56  Hugh Roberts Papers This collection consists of various documents and correspondence from Hugh Roberts' life, mostly in the years between 1914 and 1917.
MSSI 54  Hugh Wright Papers This collection contains Hugh Wright's diary from 1924-[1941]. He recorded many notable events that affected the LDS Church.
MSSI 63  Hyrum Manwaring Manuscript This collection includes extensive writings from Hyrum Manwaring describing in detail the early history of Ricks College.
MSSI 126  Jack Sheridan Smith Pioneer Days of Salt Lake City, Utah from 1847-1947 Newspaper Clippings.
MSSI 12  Jefferson Title and Abstract Company: Abstracts of Title These historical titles and abstracts provide a glimpse into the past of Rigby, Idaho.
MSSI 67  John and Emma Steiner Correspondence This register contains original copies of correspondence letters from John and Emma Steiner.
MSSI 17  John L. Smith Papers This collection contains materials from John L. Smith's work with the Rotary Club.
MSSI 43  Kathleen Woolf Papers This collection consists of life sketches of many individuals related to the Woolf Family. These transcriptions have been preserved in electronic format on a compact disc by Kathleen Woolf.
MSSI 21  Keith Zollinger Collection of Swiss Manuscripts The manuscripts are comprised of illuminated original writing in German on parchment.
MSSI 45 Klingler Family Oral History Project This collection consists of audio and video recordings from the Klingler family reunion.
MSSI 89  Larae Clarke Papers A collection of papers relating to LaRae's involvement with Ricks College, and an assortment of papers dealing with women programs and sororities.
MSSI 121  Larsen Family Records Genealogical History of the ancestors and descendants of Lettie Christensen Larsen and Joseph Jeppe Larsen.
MSSI 83  Legacy of Love This register contains letters, written to Ricks College by graduates about their feelings of the university.
MSSI 53 Leonard D. Cox Missionary Diary This Diary in five volumes covers the mission of Leonard D. Cox from 1898-1900 in the Southern Sates Mission.
MSSI 40  Linda C. Judd Papers, A Stroll Thru Time This register contains genealogy of Linda C. Judd and includes pictures of Linda's ancestors and her family tree.
MSSI 113 Lyle Briggs Collection Pioneer membership records.
MSSI 25  Madison County Library District Records This register contains records from 1946-1961 about the different borrowers and information about books that were checked out.
MSSI 115  Madison Library District Records This collection contains Madison Library District finance and business papers.
MSSI 19  Mark T. Patterson Papers This collection consists of articles written by Mark T. Patterson.
MSSI 102  Martell R. Grover Military Guides This register contains military manuals from the 1940's. The manuals contain information about the different war tactics and information for learning about the different weapons and ammunition.
MSSI 132  Martin Raish Miscellaneous realia of local interest: Ricks plate, miniature Rexburg mug, Rigby plate, Rigby palace token.
MSSI 129  Mary Lou Leavitt Artifacts from the Chancay culture of Peru.
MSSI 41  Max Atkinson Collection History of the Yellowstone-Saint Anthony Idaho Stake and the wards contained in it from the years 1909-1986.
MSSI 44  Merrill D. Beal Papers The Merrill D. Beal Papers include a photograph collection, correspondence, and research materials that were used in his publication of several of his works.
MSSI 131  Mesoamerican Ceramic Heads Mesoamerican Ceramic Heads.
MSSI 58  Midwife Margaret Glabraith Briggs Meng Records This collection contains the physician records for the births of each child delivered by Margaret Ann Galbraith Briggs Meng.
MSSI 79  Mink Creek ID Ward Genealogy Scrapbook Viola Barlow Larsen compiled this book of remembrance for the Mink Creek Ward.
MSSI 8 Miranda Campbell Stringham Papers The Stringham Papers consist mainly of photocopies of the journals of Miranda Campbell Stringham that extend from 1920 to 1984.
MSSI 57  Mormon Americana Index pages for American Mormon literature. Not all the literature is 100% true as there is anti-Mormon literature.
MSSI 141  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kirkham Photo of Hyrum and Joseph Smith, China doll (once property of Brigham Young), Cape and Reed work of a dress belonging to one of Brigham's wives, autograph book from Ed Kirkham, and several left foot baby shoes.
MSSI 127  North Rexburg Stake Relief Society History of the North Rexburg Stake Relief Society from 1960-1971. Includes photos, events, and leadership of Relief Society.
MSSI 91  Oran and Julia Whittaker Papers This register contains various articles by Oran Whittaker and correspondence with his family. There are also many scrapbook items such as pictures, clippings, etc.
MSSI 62  Oswald Christensen Papers This collection contains the daily diary of Oswald Christensen from 1902-1957.
MSSI 90  Patricia Lynn Scott, Carey Act Research Collection This register contains research done on the Carey Act by Patricia Lynn Scott. There are newspaper clippings from different states about the act and maps to go along with a project done for it.
MSSI 105  Paul Kelly Correspondence This collection contains the correspondence of Paul Kelly to family and friends during his service in the Vietnam War.
MSSI 66  Paul Kelly, Courage in a Season of War Collection The collection consists of materials gathered by Paul Kelly from Latter-day Saint veterans of World War II and their families for the book Courage In A Season Of War: Latter-day Saints Experience World War II.
MSSI 14  Peter J. Valora Papers This collection contains materials that Mr. Valora used while preparing his dissertation.
MSSI 96  Philemon Kelly Collection This register contains different postcards written to Philemon Kelly from the years 1900-1903 and also contains some with no year written. The postcards are mostly from European countries.
MSSI 117  Phyllis Roundy Collection This collection contains yearbooks from 1941-1971 and church instructional manuals, as well as other personal records.
MSSI 30  Ray Willis Walker Papers The Ray Willis Walker Collection consists of various materials collected by Walker in his role as an officer of the Fremont-Madison Irrigation District.
MSSI 133  Reeser Collection The collection consists of fifteen Colombian/ Ecuadoran ceramic artifacts. Eight are human heads broken (presumably) from full-figures. Two are animal heads. Three are full-bodied human figures. One is an animal (looks like a dinosaur!). The remaining item is a small spindle whorl.
MSSI 16  Rexburg 19th Ward Newsletters 1982- 1987 Etta Johnson of Rexburg Idaho served as the editor for the Rexburg 19th Ward Newsletter and included such tidbits as ward announcements, activities, illnesses, honors received by ward members, and other fascinating stories about the lives of the ward members.
MSSI 122  Rexburg 20th Relief Society Historical record of Ricks College 20th ward Relief Society from 1970-1976.
MSSI 139  Rexburg 3rd Ward Book of Remembrance of genealogy from the late 1890's-the mid 1970's from the Rexburg 3rd ward genealogist.
MSSI 9  Rexburg Abstract Company Records This collection contains title abstracts for the Rexburg Abstract Company.
MSSI 120  Rexburg and Sugar City Contemporary Music Study Club Scrapbook of the Contemporary Music Study Club from 1945-1960 and other music organizations of Rexburg, Sugar City, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls.
MSSI 38  Rexburg City Cemetary Sexton Records 1884 - 1991 This register contains the records of those who have passed away and been buried in the Cemetery of Rexburg Idaho.
MSSI 33  Rexburg City Deeds This register contains the city deeds for Rexburg starting in 1887 with the first town site. There are also many miscellaneous deeds from 1887-1940.
MSSI 107  Rexburg City Ordinances This collection is one book consisting of 3 sections containing the City Ordinances for the town of Rexburg.
MSSI 6 Rexburg Irrigation Company Contains minute books that document dealings of the company and different struggles for nearly a century of the company's annual meetings, from 1890-1970.
MSSI 136  Rexburg Temple Materials from the Building of the Rexburg, Idaho Temple.
MSSI 142  Ricks Realia Centennial Platter and Pin
MSSI 135  Rigby/Clarke Ancestor Portrait This collection contains a framed portrait of a Rigby/ Clarke ancestor (unknown).
MSSI 52  Robert Meikle Missionary Diary Robert Meikle's Missionary Diary is a source of valuable insights about the Maori people and life in New Zealand in the 1890's.
MSSI 69  Robert Worrel Collection This register was compiled by Robert Worrel and Becky Brighton. It contains two volumes of "A Centennial History of Sugar City, Idaho 1903-2003". Also, there are 7 CDs of the history in oral form.
MSSI 11  Robinson Family Temple Records The Robinson Family Temple Records contain four volumes of family history information and LDS Temple ordinance data.
MSSI 81  Ruth Barrus Index Correspondence, teaching materials, notes, essays, papers, and scrapbooks documenting the personal and professional activities of Ruth Barrus
MSSI 1  Ruth Barrus Papers Ruth Barrus did a project entitled; "The Musical Heritage of the Upper Snake River Valley and its effect on human lives" The collection comprises the records created in the course of the project.
MSSI 32  Samuel and Magdalena Schwendiman Family Records This collection consists of books of remembrance from the Schwendiman family.
MSSI 119  Samuel B. Garrett Collection This collection contains the academic, family, and person records of Samuel B. Garrett. It also contains photographs taken by and of Samuel B. Garrett and family.
MSSI 86 Sandra Skousen Collection Ricks Family Materials
MSSI 99  Sharon Christensen Collection This register contains scrapbooks of the Sarah Ann Barnes Camp and the Veleska Camp. The scrapbooks contain pictures, minutes and different activities that the camps participated in.
MSSI 124  South Idaho Falls Stake Primary Primary History of the South Idaho Falls Stake Scrapbook from 1947-1958. This collection contains photographs of stake and primary leadership, the primary history, planned activities, and primary programs.
MSSI 78  Southeastern Idaho Fair Scrapbook This register contains Madison County Fair Scrapbook with pictures, flyers, ribbons, posters, programs, scorecards and other miscellaneous materials.
MSSI 77  Southeastern Idaho Obituaries, 1958 - 1963 Newspaper clipping of obituaries, births and anniversaries for different people from Eastern Idaho for 1958-1963.
MSSI 128  Spencer W. Kimball Collection President Spencer W. Kimball Collection containing photos, personal possessions, and other various items.
MSSI 84  Steve Moser Collection Author's manuscript of History if Athletics at Ricks College. Inclusive dates 1905-2002.
MSSI 76  Taylor Family Records Collection of William Taylor's family history and the family history of all of his relatives.
MSSI 2 Teton Dam Disaster Collection The Teton Dam Disaster Collection is a compilation of newspaper articles oral histories, accounts received, and published materials from the time the dam broke.
MSSI 145  Teton Flood Newspaper Collection Newspapers depicting the events of the Teton Flood.
MSSI 35  Teton Peaks Scout Material This collection is an amalgam of various donated materials from members of the Teton Council of the Boy Scouts of America.
MSSI 88  Theola Ricks Scrapbooks Theola Green Ricks spent years gathering information relative to the area. Her scrapbooks are made up of newspaper clippings and articles, many of which are original.
MSSI 98  Thomas C. Niebaur Papers This register contains actual documents and newspaper clippings. There are typed copies of letters that he wrote home. Also, there are medals he earned in this register.
MSSI 110  Thomas E. Ricks Family History This collection contains the family history and lineage of Thomas E. Ricks from five of his wives with extended history on CD's.
MSSI 10 Thomas E. Ricks Family Papers This collection is a mix of genealogical and historical information that Includes many primary source documents about the life of Thomas E. Ricks and a number of articles written about him.
MSSI 74  Thomas Gunderson Genealogy This register contains a book of remembrance of Thomas Gunderson and the pedigree of his family.
MSSI 100  Travis Simpson Postcard Collection This register contains postcards from various states where Travis Simpson has visited (in most cases). Some postcards contain little notes that he wrote about the places he visited.
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MSSI 24  Upper Snake River Family History Center Records This collection houses the bank statements of The Upper Snake River Family History Center from 1970-1978.
MSSI 144  Upper Snake River Genealogical Records Letters, meeting minutes, and records of the Upper Snake River Branch Genealogical Library.
MSSI 23  Upper Snake River Medical Society This collection contains correspondence, minutes, by-laws, member applications, and membership lists for the Upper Snake River Medical Society from 1933-1974.
MSSI 3  Upper Snake River Valley Early Settler History Collection The collection is comprised mainly of short historical sketches of pioneers who settled in the Upper Snake River Valley between 1883 and 1893.
MSSI 65  Upper Snake River Valley Music Federation This register contains minutes, rolls, correspondences, financial records, scrapbook and other miscellaneous files from 1952-1969.
MSSI 5  Vardis Fisher Papers The Vardis Fisher Collection is mostly letters and other forms of writing that the Fisher Family composed and sent via mail to communicate with one another.
MSSI 61  Veldon Ray Hodgson This collection consists of an autobiography written by Veldon Ray Hodgson and contains many firsthand accounts of his involvement with the space program, the LDS Church, and his family history work.
MSSI 123  Wilford Primary Scrapbook Wilford Primary Scrapbook 1977-1978 contains polaroid's of primary leaders, teachers, primary classes, and the activities from those years.
MSSI 80  William F. Rigby Collection This register contains his whole journal, pictures, patriarchal blessings, and many other miscellaneous items.
MSSI 34  William Moroni Hansen Papers This register contains a very in depth history of William Moroni Hansen as he wrote. There is also a microfilm copy of his diary.
MSSI 49  Wood Funeral Home Records 1912 - 1942 This collection contains the records of the Wood funeral home in Idaho Falls, Idaho from 1912-1942.
MSSI 75  Yellowstone Stake Pedigree Scrapbook This register contains pedigree charts for the members of the Yellowstone Stake.
MSSI 137  Zera Pulsipher Terry Collection Two personal journals in the handwriting of Zera Pulsipher Terry depicting events in his life in the colonization of parts of Southern Utah "Dixie" and The Upper Snake River Valley in Idaho. His grandfather, Zera Pulsipher, Taught and baptized Wilford Woodruff.