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Sociology Minor Requirements

Sociology courses CANNOT be double counted
Take 3 Credits

Soc 111 Introduction to Sociology
Soc 112 Social Problems

Take 18 Credits
Anth 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Psych 350 Social Psychology
Soc 111 Introduction to Sociology
Soc 112 Social Problems
Soc 120 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Soc 205 Criminal Investigation
Soc 206 Police in American Society
Soc 230 Foundations of Sociology
Soc 300 Sociological Theory
Soc 311 Family Interaction
Soc 323 Race and Ethnic Relations
Soc 330 Criminology
Soc 340 Research Methods
Soc 355 Law and Society
Soc 357 Human Relations and Leadership
Soc 360 Religion's Impact on Society
Soc 370 Social Stratification
Soc 383 Juvenile Delinquency
Soc 400 Sociological Analysis
Soc 420 Drugs and Society
Soc 440 Corrections
Soc 450 Social Inequalities
Soc 451 Self and Society
Soc 462 Sociology of Health
SW 260 Introduction to Social Work
Soc 490R Special Topics in Sociology