Course Sequencing

First Semester:
  • SW 362       Social Work Practice I- Individual
  • SW 367       Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • SW400       Social Work Values and Ethics
  • SW466       Social Welfare Policy
  • Other Required Course*
  • Other Required Course*
Second Semester:
  • SW 364       Social Work Practice II-Group
  • SW 365       Social Work Practice III-Community/Macro
  • SW 463       Child Welfare
  • SW 465       Mental Health
  • Other Required Course*
  • Other Required Course*
Third Semester:
  • SW340       Research Methods
  • SW464       Diverse Clients
  • SW397R     Practicum
  • SW 398R    Practicum
  • Other Required Course*
Fourth Semester:
  • SW497R     Practicum
  • SW498R     Practicum
  • Other Required Course*
  • Other Required Course*
  • Other Required Course*
This sequencing ensures that Social Work classes listed in the same semester will not have schedule conflicts with one another.   It does not guarnatee that other required courses will be free of scheduling conflicts in any given semester. It is encouraged that students take as few classes as possible during their internship.
*Other required classes include 9 credits of enrichment, 3 credits of adolescent studies (Child 320 or SOC 383), Psyc 342 (Abnormal Psychology), 3 credits of family studies (SW 311 or SOC 311), 3 credits of substance abuse studies (HS460 or SOC 420), and 3 credits of Diversity/Special Population (Anthro 101, HS 351, Intst 349, Intst 350, Psych 310, SOC 323, SOC 395R, SPED 221.)