• Ph.D., Sociology, University of Oklahoma, 2011
  • MLA, Social Sciences, Southern Methodist University, 2007
  • B.S., Sociology, Southern Methodist University, 2005

Areas of Interest

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Terrorism
  • Gender
  • Quantitative and Qualititative Methodologies

Current Courses

  • Corrections (SOC 440)
  • Global Conflict & Terrorism (SOC 411)
  • Sociological Analysis (SOC 400)
  • Criminology (SOC 330)
  • Introduction to Sociology (SOC 111)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

2011. Jenson, Tiffany Sanford. Soldier Rape, Our Own Worst Enemy: The Effects of Deployment, Sex Ratios, and Military Branch on the Sexual Assault of Active Duty Women in the US Military. Saarbrücken, Germany: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing.  

2011. Spivak, Andrew, Margaret S. Kelley, Miyuki Fukushima, and Tiffany Sanford Jenson. "Religiosity, Delinquency, and the Deterrent Effects of Informal Sanctions." Deviant Behavior 32(8):677-711.2004. Jenson, Tiffany.

2004. Jenson, Tiffany. "Target GI Jane: A Look into Military Sexual Assault." SMU Discourse Online Journal 30: Spring Edition.

Works in Progress

Jenson, Tiffany Sanford. "Rocking the Cradle from the Big House: The Impact of Sentencing and Child Custodial Decision-Making for Incarcerated Women."

Jenson, Tiffany Sanford. "Hyper-Credentialism: A Theoretical Look at the Shared Consequences for Educational and Military Institutions."