Teacher Education Society Membership Roles and Responsibilities
This is a basic skeleton of the different roles and responsibilities of each society member/leader. It is expected that each person in any of these positions read through their list of responsibilities and commit to execute said responsibilities. All those in leadership positions should feel free to delegate to/ask the help of all other members of the society, should a need arise outside of what that committee can accomplish on their own.

Please note that society members do not have to hold a leadership position to attend meetings, help in planning, or have a voice in societal discussions. All are invited to join and participate.


The President supervises all activity in the society with the help of the Vice President, Faculty Advisor, Secretary, and Directors/Committee Chairs. He/she and the Vice President delegate responsibilities to other members of the society and ensure quality and effectiveness in all areas, including the planning of all workshops, seminars, and other such activities. The President holds and presides weekly society meetings and receives reports during said meetings from the Directors/Committee Chairs on the progress of their specific jurisdiction and discusses with them and the other members present on what is needed in each of their designated areas. The president also works in all areas not specifically designated to a Director or Committee, such as communicating to other faculty, members of school districts, etc. and in all other ways ensures that the society runs well.

Vice President

Like the President, the Vice President helps supervise all activities/workshops of the society and makes sure things run smoothly. He/She helps the President plan for the society and work with the Directors/Committee Chairs to make sure all needs are taken care of and that all activities are well planned and executed.

Faculty Advisor

Member of University Faculty to oversee societal affairs. Helps ensure quality in assignments, activities and workshops, and that all is done in order and according to University policy.


The Secretary takes the minutes of all society meetings, outlining topics discussed, conclusions reached, and assignments made. From these minutes, He/She forms the agenda for the following meeting, including assignment follow-up, topic updates, etc. This person is also in charge of keeping the meeting on topic, following the agenda for the meeting. The meetings and agenda should be kept posted and updated on the Drive so that all society members can have access to topics discussed and assignments made. Additionally, the Secretary will send out emails to society members with midweek updates as needed and given by the President, Vice President, and Faculty Advisor.

Director of Marketing/Historian

The Director of Marketing is in charge of all advertising of activities, workshops, etc. This includes making posts to the society Facebook group, creating flyers and logos, and creating banners on the school website, as well as any other advertising the society or the Director finds prudent or necessary. In addition, as part of his/her historian responsibilities, he/she will be charged with attending all society activities and taking photos to post on Facebook as a log of the society's activity over the years. He/She may have a marketing committee to help with taking pictures, announcing activities in classes, etc.

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations is in charge of reserving venues for society activities, making sure there are enough tables, chairs, refreshments for activities, and all other logistical needs that arise over the course of the semester.

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance manages the budget of the society. At the beginning of each semester, he/she, along with the President, Vice President, and Faculty Advisor, creates a budget based on the amount of money the society has delegated to them from the school and the projected spending for each activity. All receipts of society expenditures are turned in to the Director of Finance, who then takes them to the Kimball and turns them in for reimbursement.

Director of Recruitment

The Director of Recruitment oversees all recruitment activities. He/She keeps tabs on the current email list of all members in the society and makes sure that this is updated regularly. All members of the list that have since graduated or changed majors are to be removed. The Director of Recruitment ensures that there is a sign-in sheet by the door with a space for email addresses no less than 10 minutes prior to any society activity to ensure that those who are new may be added to the email list, which is then to be updated by no more than a week after the activity and posted to the Drive.

Other Committees

In addition, there will be a committee for each activity run by the society in a given semester, based on plans for that semester. Examples include Teacher Talk, Make it Matter Conference, and any other workshops or seminars planned during the semester. Members of the society may belong to whichever committee they choose, and may belong to more than one society. Each committee will have a chair overseeing the project given to said committee under the direction of the President, Vice President, and Faculty Advisor, and will work with any and all Directors as needed for each activity.

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