Teacher Education Society

Join us every Monday from 5:00 to 6:00 pm in HIN 307 if you would like to be involved in planning society activities and events!

Winter 2016 Leadership Council Members:

President Marin Fairbanks fai12003@byui.edu
Vice President Danette Dickson dic14004@byui.edu
Secretary Marissa Brasga bra15011@byui.edu
Director of Finance Mickayla Braunersrither bra12039@byui.edu
Director of Operations Kezi Durrant bro13045@byui.edu
Director of Marketing Anna McFarland mcf14001@byui.edu
Director of Recruiting BryAnna Moore moo13005@byui.edu

Faculty Advisor

Clint Payne


(208) 496-9855

HIN 324

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