2017 Fall Semester

The mission of the Student Accounting Society (SAS) is to prepare accounting students for graduate school and a career in accounting and business by: organizing regular practices and study for the GMAT, providing information about MAcc or MBA programs and the career of Accounting, and building relationships with people in the field of accounting.

Student Accounting Society (SAS) Officers

Jacob Hooton, President
Bre Argyle, Vice President
Mitch Hullinger, Secretary
Landon Barney, Treasurer
Michael Hamer, Mentorship Officer
Andreas Martinson, Public Relations Officer
Dionte Murrell, Activities Officer
Faculty Advisor:  Don Campbell 
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/byui.sas.smith340/
Facebook Group Community Board: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sas.byui/ 
E-mail: byuipublicrelationsofficer@gmail.com
Dues:  $10 per semester 

Our Meetings are every Thursday @ 2 p.m. in SMI 340

Network with current students as well as alumni

 Facebook pages

LinkedIn page

Mentorship Program


To answer the following questions, click on the links!     Accounting Picture

What is Accounting? Why is it important?

Investopedia: Accounting Basics

US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Accountants and Auditors

What types of accounting are there?

Investopedia: Branches of Accounting

Should I go into tax accounting or audit?

Take this quiz and click on the "Get started" link, it's super helpful in helping think about your career path in accounting

This Way to CPA: Find Your Fit

What are examples of job opportunities?

Accounting Degree Review: 40 Top Paying Accounting Jobs

There are a lot of different credentials in the accounting/finance world, the link below explains the most common ones:

Accounting Degree Review: Types of Accounting Certifications

Here is a more exhaustive list:

Other Career Resources:
Building Your Personal Brand to Launch a Successful Career Presentation
By Val Bitton
July 7, 2016

Updated: October 2017