Academic Societies FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

AAVP: Ralph Kern

KIM 210F
(208) 496-1143


Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding academic societies. This page is to be used as a quick reference for society advisors and student officers. For additional questions, please refer to the Handbook.


1. How do we become a society?

There are certain qualifications that need to be fulfilled in order to be considered for annual recognition. Please follow this link to find out more information.

2. How is a society funded?

There are two ways that societies can be funded. Societies may request a $100 budget that can be awarded each semester by the Academic Office. They may also request dues from society members in order to gain additional revenues for the society. (see page 7 of the societies handbook for more information)

3. How can I set up a financial account?

Fill out the Application for Student Organization Account Form and submit Ralph Kern at Kimball 210.

4. How can I reactivate an archived society?

Call the Academic Office for more information. (208) 496-1141

5. How do we advertise on campus?

See the attached document for useful tips on marketing on campus. For further information please speak with Univerty Communications.

6. What are the policies for inviting guest speakers?

Non-staff or non-faculty speakers must be approved one month before they are due to speak. Please refer to the University Relations website for more information. Society leaders must also fill out the Speaker Request Form and turn it in to the Academic Office.

7. Are we allowed to travel for society activities?

Yes, however any travel arrangements must be approved by the current Society Coordinator.

8. Do we receive reimbursement for funds that are spent on travel?

Please refer to page 7 of the Societies Handbook for more information regarding the funding of society travel.

9. What is a Jacob Spori Stipend?

These monies are available to societies whose members are participating in activities that include travel. Once again, refer to page 7 of the Societies Handbook.

10. What does our society need to do to receive a Jacob Spori Stipend?

In order to receive a Jacob Spori Stipend, please fill out this form and submit it to Ralph Kern in Kimball 210.