Pre-Vet Society

Pre-Vet Society

The Pre-Vet Society at BYU-Idaho consists of students interested in veterinary medicine. It is a great source of instruction for students preparing for graduate school to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). There are only 30 accredited veterinary schools in the United States and many, many applicants. Pre-Vet Society can help you know what you need to be doing to become a competitive applicant. It also provides opportunity to serve, network, socialize, and have fun! Activities are generally held Thursday evenings. Activities Pre-Vet has done previously include: spay/neuter observation, suture night, interview practice, service at Yellowstone Bear World, team building at Badger Creek, Pizza Pie Café, and cowboy relay races.

Officer Team for Spring 2016 

President: Wilson Ashton


Vice President: Lisa Barnes

                        Email: Secretary:

Elizabeth Tilley:

                       Email: Historian:

Allyson Blake:



Katia Anzures:

                  Email: Co-activities:

Lacy Imel:


Advisor: Dr. Zeph Quirl

                 Email: Office: 310C STC



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