Philosophical Society

President: Peter Carmack

Vice President: Michael Snedacker

Secretary: Michelle Collingridge

Assistant Secretary: Malcom Tanner

Treasurer: Kendon Brown

Head of Advertising: Jacob Carmack

**Webmaster: Hilton Shumway

Advisor: Brian Merrill

  • Advisor Email:

Link to the new Philosophical Society Journal, Elenchus.

The Four Pillars

The four pillars and principal goals of the Philosophical Society are to:

  • Increase the skills and abilities of students interested in philosophy by teaching correct paradigms and critical thinking skills, and by informing and introducing those new to the study of philosophy to the methods of philosophy as an academic and personal discipline.
  • Bring philosophy out of obscurity in terms of BYU-Idaho by providing an avenue of learning not just for students, but for faculty as well, and by encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue on relevant philosophical topics.
  • Bring BYU-Idaho out of obscurity in terms of philosophy in relation to other institutions of higher learning by promoting an exchange of debate and ideas between neighboring professors, students, and universities.
  • Provide a safe, wholesome atmosphere for individuals to meet new people, have fun, and make friends.


Meets: Wednesdays from 7pm to 8:30pm in TAY 120


Facebook Group:

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