Neuroscience Academic Society

Neuroscience Academic Society

Advisor: Holden Higginbotham, Caire Eckersell
Advisor phone: (208) 496-4635, (208) 496-4614

Society President: Donnay Creary

Thursdays at 2 pm, BEN 287

Are you fascinated with the unknown? Have you wondered how the brain works? Do you want to be able to tell people you have held a human brain in your hands? Come join us! 

Upcoming events:

 Society Mix n' Mingle (Feb.) - exactly as it sounds - we'll be meeting with other societies to meet new people, play some games, and eat food

 Brain Awareness Week (Mar.) - during the month of March we will be travelling to local elementary, middle, and high schools where we will have booths to teach the students more about the brain! It is going to be tons of fun :D


last updated Febuary 2013