Linux Society Trip

The Linux Society Trip is scheduled for November 8-9. We will spend two days in Utah visiting compies such as Novell,,, Guru Labs, and more. This is a great opportunity to learn about how Linux is used in the workplace and get to know the companies that use it.

Companies are always looking to hire students from the Linux Society from these trips, so be prepared by doing a bit of research before hand about each company and by bringing adequate copies of a current resume to give to the companies we visit.  Church dress is required when we visit companies.

To sign up for the Linux Trip, just send an email to the current President stating that you would like to go on the trip. There will be a small fee (usually around $25 or less) charged to your school account to help cover the cost of gas and the hotel rooms we'll be staying in over night. Please don't let the cost deter you from going, this is a great opportunity to not only get to know companies but also your fellow students. 

Hope to see you all there!


ASUS Campus Life LAN Party

There will be a LAN party hosed by ASUS Campus Life November 10. Come to play and have fun as we play some games. The LAN party will be hosted in the Ridge clubhouse/lounge from 11AM to 10PM.