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The Linux Society at BYU-Idaho is dedicated to help all students learn more about the Linux operating system, as well as develop skills, friends and further their network of professional associates, improve job market skills and accelerate learning of key technologies.


The society's goal is to help members perfect their skills in programming and operating systems by providing a forum to discuss computing topics and develop friendships.


The vision of the Linux Society is become a nationally reputable society in which companies desire to hire students from the society because of what we represent and what we know.


The all mighty leader
AKA. The complaint department

Matthew Mason

Vice President
The backup plan

Andrew Turley

Vice President - Linux
The Linux guru

Ben Willams

Vice President - Web
The webmaster

Andrew Turley

Vice President(s) - Programming
The man with the plan

Isaac Ireland

Cody Poll

Matthew Mason

Project Manager
The travel agent

Isaac Ireland

The notebook

Chris Hepworth

The loan shark

Isaac Andrade