Graduation Regalia

As is the case with many academic national honor societies, members of the Sigma Iota Rho International Studies Society may receive cords and other regalia as they graduate from their baccalaureate studies. Included in the membership fee are the yellow graduation cords; a blue and white stole with the ΣIP insignia sewed in is also available, but must be ordered by the new member application deadline for each semester (this will normally be by the last week of the first block). The stole can be ordered at a discount price (about 35% off) if the cords are forfeited, but this must be ordered at the time of membership. For current prices on graduation stoles please see:

Those wishing to order stoles must e-mail the faculty advisor before the new member induction order is sent off at the end of the first block, to request that such be added to, or, replace the yellow graduation cords (for the discounted price).

BYU-Idaho Policy on Graduation Regalia

BYU-Idaho graduation and commencement policy states that graduation cords and regalia are not to be worn during the official graduation ceremonies. However, outside of these ceremonies, the wearing of such cords is permitted, so feel free to take your graduation pictures with your society colors and regalia. Please help to uphold the good name of the Epsilon Zeta chapter of SIR by following this university policy.