Previous Highlighted Activities

Professor David Pigott on Effective Aid in Africa (W13). Brother Pigott, one of the university's History faculty spoke on the pitfalls of traditional aid-giving practices and assumptions of Westerners in Africa, and the most effective ways we can actually make more positive than negative impacts through our careful involvement.

Event: Pre-Professional Conference
Additional Details: The international studies department will participate for the first time in the College's annual PPC. Guest speakers include a senior fellow from the East-West Center in Hawai'i, Military Panel, various government advisers/employees, and related academics.

James Griffith Presentation on "Antarctica the 7th Continent" (F12)
One of our new transfer students, James Griffith, will share his experiences (and photos!) with us about his 2010 trip to southern Argentina and Antarctica; he wil also share with us insights into ecotourism and how it can play a role on the internaional level. If you've ever wanted to know what it is like in Antarctica, here's your chance!!!

Guest speaker Stephen J. Yates, CEO of the D.C. International Advisory (S12). The former Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs spoke to society members about post-grad schooling and career paths, government policy making, and his unique career journey. You can learn more about Stephen Yates here (Linkedin ProfileDCIA websiteFacebookYoutube).

Inside the State Department Documentary (S12 Semester). Society students viewed the National Geographic documentary about US diplomacy. Sneak preview here.

India & China Panel Discussions (S12 Semester). Professors David Pulsipher, John Ivers, Jessica and Bryce Mecham presented and answered questions about their recent trip around various religious sites in India and Nepal over the spring break. Professors Scott Galer, Shen Lei, David Pigott, and Michael Paul participated on a similar panel the week after. Students Aaron Sessions and Daniel Kinney-Spears also gave country presentations.Live Foreign Service Officer Interview (F11 Semester). Students from the society met to learn more about the US foreign service with the State Department, and conducted a live interview via skype with an actual FSO in the field.Internship Info Meeting (F11 Semester). Professors from the international studies and political science departments met with the I.S.S. to discuss various internship opportunities at home and abroad; students and alumni who had already completed their internships also offered advice.

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