Sigma Iota Rho (SIR/ΣIP) is a world renowned national honor society for international studies with chapters spread across universities and other academic institutions across the United States. The BYU-Idaho chapter became SIR's first in the State of Idaho, and was assigned the designation of Epsilon Zeta (EZ). There are numerous benefits to membership and participation in the government of SIR that can greatly enhance your academic experience and help you develop as a lifelong student of international affairs. Members of the society are presented with a lapel pin and certificate upon induction, and awarded with the honor cord regalia as they graduate from BYU-Idaho (these items are included in the one-time lifelong membership fee).To learn more about benefits of membership, the society itself, and the meaning of Sigma Iota Rho, please refer to the linked documents below:

National Membership Application
The Sigma Iota Rho Crest
Membership Benefits

Chapter Membership Application

BYU-I Logo

How to Join: Membership in SIR represents outstanding academic achievement and maturity in the field of international studies; as such there are certain requirements that must be met before one can be inducted into the society. A list of requirements, and an overview of the application process are detailed below.

Requirements for National Membership

As outlined in Article III, Section II of the society constitution, members must meet the following requirements in order to gain membership in the EZ Chapter of SIR:

  1. Be of Junior or Senior status (cannot be graduated yet).
  2. Have completed at least 21 credits contributing to your major, minor or emphasis in international studies/relations. At least two of these courses must be at the 300 or 400 level.
  3. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher.
  4. Have at least a 3.5 GPA in international studies courses (i.e. the 21+ credits mentioned in point 2).
  5. Be within the top third of high grades in the international studies major (even if only your minor/emphasis is in I.S.); your cumulative GPA will be used when calculating this.

Requirements for Chapter Membership

  1. Be enrolled at BYU-Idaho.
  2. Have completed at least one full-time semester of coursework, or, 15 credits.
  3. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher.

Application & Induction Process

  1. Fill out a National Membership or Chapter Membership form.
  2. Turn the application in (either by hand or via e-mail) to the current faculty advisor for the society (please see contacts page). This usually will have to be turned in by the end of the first block unless otherwise stated.
  3. The faculty advisor and member of the SIR presidency will review and check information listed on the application.
  4. If successful, you will receive an e-mail from the SIR leadership informing you of such; the one-time membership induction fee (National Membership: $45; Chapter Membership: $5) will then be deducted from your student account. Please note: If you qualify for the National Membership, you will not be charged for the Chapter Membership.
  5. Towards the end of the second block you will be invited to attend the semesterly induction ceremony, whereby you will be officially inducted into the Epsilon Zeta Chapter of the Sigma Iota Rho National Honor Society for International Studies.

If you have any questions regarding membership and participation in the society, please contact one of the SIR presidency, or the society faculty advisor. For more information on graduation regalia please see this page.


The deadline for students wishing to become new members of SIR, and inducted into the society before Spring 16 graduation is Monday June 6, 2016 at 5pm. Any applications turned in after this date and time will have to wait until the following semester to be inducted.