You can really save yourself some time in school and a lot of headaches if you pay attention to what classes are offered which semester when filling out your Grad Plan. Come to the Society Meetings on Thursdays at 2:00 pm in the Clark 133 if you have any questions.

HS 310 Environmental Health Available every Semester.

HS 485 Toxicology  Spring

HS 486 Occ Safety and Risk Management Fall

HS 487 Intro to Industrial Hygiene Winter 

CONST 320 Construction Safety NOTE: NO Pre-Req's(ARCH 100 &) are required for this class as noted. If you are majoring in Occ. Safety and Health. Email the instructor and let him know your major and give him your I-number.

HS 384 Industrial Fire Safety Fall

HS 450 Sanitation & Water Quality Management Spring and Fall

HS 484 Accident Investigation and Prevention Winter

HS 488 Hazardous Materials Management Spring

NOTE: FDMAT 222 Biostatistics has been changed to FDMAT221B Biostatistics.

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