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Welcome to the BYU-Idaho AAPG Student Chapter!

What's the AAPG Student Chapter difference?

The Student Chapter Program of AAPG is made up of collegiate groups of geoscience students and one of the world's foremost co-educational programs within the geoscience sector with over 245 chapters. It provides students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and serves as a focal point for developing a feeling of professionalism through meeting industry representatives.

  1. Why join the AAPG Student Chapter?
  2. AAPG Bulletin--the AAPG Bulletin is internationally recognized as a leading geologic publication for geology, petroleum, natural gas, and other energy mineral resources. Every student member receives Internet access (plus annual CD-ROM) to the AAPG Bulletin in lieu of a paper copy.
  3. The AAPG Explorer-is the monthly newspaper, which covers news and association information. It is distributed to each AAPG member; it enjoys the widest reading audience.
  4. Student Chapter members have the opportunity for meeting and networking with experienced geologists through activities with local affiliated societies, through section and regional meetings, at the AAPG annual and sectional meetings.
  5. Active participation in the Student Chapter provides the student an opportunity to develop leadership and management skills. A sense of professionalism is developed by actively running an organization and networking with professionals.
  6. Student Chapter members can participate in the student paper contest at the annual meeting. The cash awards are significant for both the student and the university.
  7. Members can participate in the AAPG insurance program.
  8. Members receive discounts on AAPG publications.
  9. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Graduate students are eligible for grants-in-aid for special research projects. Each year the AAPG Foundation awards grants ranging from $500-$3000 to support graduate students in geology, with a special emphasis on support of fieldwork. Visit the GIA website to download an application
    UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: The L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant supports undergraduate geoscience students and departments through the AAPG Student Chapter Program. The disbursement of the grant each year consists of $1,000 per qualified student chapter. $500 is to be given to a selected undergraduate student, with the remaining $500 to be issued directly to the AAPG Student Chapter and the funds used to support the Student Chapter's activities. Application forms are released in September with the deadline date in December.
  10. Discounts on short courses ($90 fee for student members/ $50 fee for chapter members) - limited number of reserved slots.
    Access to the Visiting Geoscientist and Distinguished Lecture Programs.
  11. Opportunity to participate in Student Expos (Job Fairs)
    Access to AAPG's Career Center
  12. Student Outlook -blog and Facebook pages covering the Student Chapter Program activities and updates.
  13. The opportunity to work the General Store during the annual convention to raise money for chapter.
  14. AAPG Student Chapter Book Gift Program