Geology Society

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Welcome to the Geology Society. The society that rocks! (Pun intended)

The geology society is not just for geology majors, so come join the fun!

The Society's purpose is to:

  • Create opportunities for students with interests in earth sciences to fellowship and be friends.
  • Promote professional success by preparing students for their futures in geology.
  • Encourage ongoing education in whatever field of study.
  • Have loads of fun while enjoying the work of God's hands.

About Us  

The geology society has two student chapters 1) the American Association of Petroleum Geologist chapter (AAPG) and 2) the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists chapter (AEG). These chapters invite special guests to speak at BYU-I forums to help the students network and learn more about specific geology professions. The society is currently looking into organizing student chapters of other societies related to mining and environmental geology as well.
The society loves being active, thus we strive to have biweekly activities to the many amazing geological sites and features. To keep up on the trips and activities check out our calendar that is updated throughout each semester.


The society was organized during the 2001-2002 academic year. In the Fall of 2004 the society became affiliated with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists ( AAPG ), becoming a student chapter of that organization.