English Academic Society

The English Academic Society works to provide English majors and minors (although anyone on campus is invited) with two main types of activities. 

The first is devoted to enhancing students' academic experience in order to better prepare them to enter the work force or seek further education. One of these activities include putting together the Pre-Professional Conference each fall semester where we bring in writers and professionals in editing, technical writing, and teaching to help the students explore avenues once they have graduated. We also host special lectures each semester to explore academic subjects.

The second type of activity is meant to provide English majors and minors with fun literary exposure. For instance, we frequently have Halloween or Valentine's Day poetry/story readings. We occassionally host a poetry slam during winter semesters called Last Poet Standing. We also have dinners and literary film nights.  We have regular meetings on Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. in the Rigby Lounge.

For more information about events and who to contact, please go to these links.