Education Society Roundtable Council Meeting

DOCTRINES- Why? Eternal Progression / Meekness / Consecration

Big Picture/Overview

            As the Education Society Roundtable we will seek to deepen our own educational philosophies and to provide means for greater development of future educators by creating opportunities to learn, practice, and teach.

PRINCIPLES- What? Act v. Acted Upon / Transfer / Humility / Courage / Work / Passion

We will accomplish this by:

  1. Helping education majors to implement what they have learned in their classes by doing education-based activities on and off campus.
  2. Providing opportunities to delve into the doctrines of the gospel and their applications to education in order to become more like Christ, the Master Teacher.
  3. Enhancing the passion for education and the knowledge of sound educational philosophies in the hearts and minds of future educators.


Structure and Expectations

  1. There will be no president.
  2. Members of the roundtable are highly encouraged to stay for two semesters.There will be weekly, hour-long meetings throughout the semester
  3. Edward deBono's Thinking Hats will be used to structure conversations.
  4. Each Meeting will have a facilitator (blue hat), a scribe (white hat), and a thought presenter (red hat) at each meeting.
    • The facilitator gets the meeting started and keeps the group on schedule and focused on the agenda (blue hat).
    • The scribe takes notes, follows up on assignments, and prepares to be the next facilitator (white hat).
    • The thought presenter brings a question, thought, quote, idea, insight, etc. about education to discuss for 2-5 minutes (red hat).
    • Every week a different person will have the opportunity to serve in each of these capacities.

     5.  Members of the roundtable plan and prepare activities that will accomplish the purposes described above.

    • Assignments will be evenly distributed among the roundtable members.
    • It will be important to plan a semester in advance. (E.g. The Roundtable of the winter semester will plan activities for the spring.)
    • Think bigger. How can this be taken to the next level? How can the reach be extended? How can it make more of a difference? What would it be like if...?

      6.  The faculty advisor will provide council and direction when needed but this is a student organization and as such the agency and responsibility to make the roundtable a success lies with its members.