Upcoming Activities:

  • We will be having an informal question and answer session with members of the education faculty on Thursday, Feb 21st at 2pm in the Hinckely gym room 260. This will be a great opportunity to find answers to the questions you have in regards to becoming a teacher. Please come and join us for this unique experience!

Become a Member

If you have a desire to serve in the Society, please contact Jared Breakall at bre12002@byui.edu

 Teaching/Service Opportunities

As a society we are committed to informing you about opportunities you have to teach and serve. If you are interested, we hope you will take advantage of these great opportunities to grow.

Kid Connection

This program provides an opportunity to help kids learn at local after school programs around the Rexburg area. The three schools involved in the program are:

  • Madison Middle School:  Monday-Friday 1:25pm- 5:25pm
  • Adams Elementary: Monday, Wednesday-Friday 2:25pm-5:00pm Tuesday 3:30pm-5:00pm
  • South Fork Elementary: Monday-Friday 2:25pm-4:25pm

If you would like more information about how to volunteer, please contact Andrew Brower at (385)-244-7667.

Jefferson Elementary After-School program

This program runs from Feb 13th to March 27th from 2:45 to 3:45pm every Wednesday. If you want more information about how to volunteer, please contact Brother Robbins at robbinsr@byui.edu