Criminology Society

President: Benjamin Salazar*
President Email:

Vice President: Jordan Simpson*
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Secretary: Derrick Hope 
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Treasurer: Jerimyha Pectol
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Policy Coordinator: 
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Event and Media Coordinator: Stephanie Schiff
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Faculty Advisor: Tiffany Jenson
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Click here to visit our Facebook page. Our Facebook page is where all events and activities will be announced and updated. In order to get access to this information, add us as a friend. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be messaged to us there as well. 

To download Criminology Society Bylaws, click-->Criminology Society Bylaws. The bylaws are what govern the Criminology Society. If you have any questions pertaining society organization or policy, please read them before asking questions. 

Click here to download the travel waiver (assumption of risk agreement) for off-campus events. A new one of these waivers will need to be printed off for each one of the off-campus events you plan to come to. 

Click here to view the requirements for the Criminology Cerificate.

Our Goal: Try and create an environment where students can learn about various law enforcement related occupations. We are continually changing the things that that we do for our activities. If you have any suggestions as to an activity that you would like to do, please let us know. 

General Information about the Criminology Society: We typically hold meetings at 6:30pm, Thursday evenings. All of our information about these meetings will be either emailed out and/or posted on Facebook. 

*Site Manager

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Last updated: Febuary 2014