How To Join

BYU-Idaho Chemistry Society is a Student Chapter of American Chemical Society. This means that you can join our campus wide chapter or you can join the nation wide society. Some benefits, the costs and application requirements for each level are shown in the table below.

BYU-I Membership

National Membership


BYU-I Members receive:

  • Attend biweekly events
  • Get to know other chemistry majors
  • Have tons of fun

    National Members recieve BYU-I benefits, plus:

    • Run for Office in Society (See Article IV)
    • Resume help from professionals
    • Network with real chemists
    • Discounts on National meeting fees
    • Job/internship search help online
    • Optional C&N Magazine weekly subscription


      FREE !!

      Yearly dues: $25 ($47 with optional publication)


      Email our Secretary (or other Officers ) requesting to join the Society.

      Get recommendation information from Officer or Faculty and fill out application online.