American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

ASME ASME  is an opportunity for ALL engineers who have a passion in management, designing, manufacturing and many other aspects of engineering. ASME seeks to provide opportunities to strengthen skills and knowledge needed for students to succeed in their academic, personal or occupational life! We are here to help YOU.

Join ASME Now!  Membership is free for the 1st year and only $25 when you renew! See below to understand more about ASME.

ASME offers many opportunities for students to achieve more in their engineering life by providing services that allow you to continue your self-discovery; to help you in your quest to find your foothold in an engineering career and make a difference in someone’s life. ASME imparts students with:

  • Student Leadership opportunities
  • Student coordinated projects and competitions
  • ASME library resources
  • Community involvement
  • Scholarships
  • Mentors, life time connections and jobs
  • Engineering Skills and Knowledge (resume pump ups)
  • FUN

But in order to achieve more, you need to be connected


ASME 1st Year Membership Free


The following are popular downloadable files and links that reveals to student the amazing benefits of ASME Memberships. These resources will enhance your academic experience and maximize your exposure to the exciting field of Mechanical Engineering

    • ASME Student Membership Brochure
    • This attractive color brochure provides a concise overview of all the valuable benefits that ASME Student Membership provides.

Download: ASME Student Membership Brochure (PDF)

    • ASME Student Membership Application
    • A writable PDF that can be e-mailed, faxed or mailed to ASME.

Download: Student Membership Application

    • ASME Online Join Form
    • Students can join ASME online in just minutes at:


    • Student Benefits Web site
    • Every thing students need to know about ASME Student Membership and its many important benefits.


    • ASME's Newest Video Entitled "Aim Higher!" for Graduating Student Members
    • A must for graduating Student Members as they transition to professional life. Viewable in English or Spanish.


    • ASME SmartBrief
    • Daily e-newsletter with the latest engineering news from around the globe, available to Student Members at no-cost (registration required).


    • ASME Job Board + Career Center
    • Exclusively for engineers featuring a job board, career articles and more.


If you are interested in ASME or if you have any inquiries, please contact us via email at:

Join us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Our Officers:

President:Trevor Plastow

Vice President: Alex Nordin

Secretary: Joseph Lovett

Contact a presidency member for deatils on meeting times and places.


Last udpated March 12, 2018.