BYU-Idaho Repeaters

We are pleased to currently have three repeaters for school and community use, it is a great blessing that we have these resources please use the resources respectfully.

We have two amateur repeaters and one GMRS repeater which are open to members as well as guests. Please be curdious and make sure to take time to see if others are trying to get into the repeater during longer conversations.

The GMRS repeater requires a GMRS license to use, an amateur radio license does not qualify you . GMRS licenses are family licenses so you may be covered by a relative and don't even know it. Our GMRS license requires regular users to be recorded in our system, use this Link to do so.

Our repeaters also have IRLP, Echolink, as well as telephone autopatch functionality, see below section for more information.

Amateur Radio Repeaters

VHF K7BYI 145.410 MHZ Minus .6 MHZ 100 HZ 100 HZ
UHF K7WIP 448.600 MHZ Minus 5 MHZ 100 HZ 100 HZ

GMRS Repeater

BYU-I GMRS WQSM473 462.725 MHZ Plus 5 MHZ 141.3 HZ 141.3 HZ
Motorola Ch 22 Moto Code 22 Moto Code 22

Additional Information

The K7BYI Echolink node is: 893936

The K7BYI IRLP node is: 7186

To make outbound connections on echolink to a particular node use DTMF tones from radio, enter 'C' '1' then the echolink node number you wish to call into, disconnect with '#' or '##' to disconnect all stations.

Note: Many radios don't list 'C', for instance on the 'Baofeng UV-5' Radios it is the 'down array'

The Echolink and IRLP tie in may be switched to one of the two repeaters or another repeater, but they are normally tied to both repeaters concurrently.

Note: The Echolink station is currently set to accept 15 conferences, and allows for multiconference, so please be careful to not double link conferences causing an audio loop.

Please be especially careful to ensure the IRLP connection actually disconnects it is quite difficult to get sometimes, use #73 and wait for a detailed disconnection reply

Autopatch is currently not publicly available

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