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The Amateur Radio Society Exists to promote skills in the area of electronic communications and to build connections that will help it's members to fullfill future duties as members of society and the Church.

There are many ways to get involved, even if it's only on the radio, we want your involvement. Please check out our calendar for current events, and our repeaters page for our repeater information and other information you may need to get on the air. The other tabs provide vital resources.

If you are interested in being involved or if you have your Ham Radio License please get us your contact information so we can contact you and help keep you in the loop, as well as able to contact in case of an actual emergency where you may be used.

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If you are interested in Amateur Radio, or have your license please get us your contact information so we can include you, please use the link below:

BYU-Idaho Ham Census

Upcoming Events

Our Officers:                           Name/Callsigns:

President Jordan Jenkins jen16017@byui.edu
Vice President Hyrum Clark cla15004@byui.edu
Vice President John Lindsay lin15023@byui.edu
Secretary James Subieta sub17001@byui.edu
Faculty Advisor Kevin Cook cookke@byui.edu

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