Society ByLaws


Brigham Young University - Idaho

Student Accounting Society

Professional Development ● Networking ● Knowledge ● Service

Amended June 26, 2012


Society By-laws


This organization shall be recognized as the Brigham Young University- Idaho Student Accounting Society.


The purpose of the Student Accounting Society is to enhance student learning and professional growth by providing opportunities for students to better prepare themselves academically and professionally.

The Student Accounting Society exists to:

a)      Extend and enhance the learning experience.

b)      Improve professional opportunities

c)       Provide a forum for dialogue and interaction among faculty members, students, and professionals in the discipline.

d)      Provide leadership opportunities

e)      Create bonds of friendship among students with similar professional or academic interest

The main focus points of the society are:

a)      Professional Development

b)      Networking

c)       Knowledge

d)      Service


Section 1

Officers shall:

a)      Be selected by the week following midterms for the next semester in order to have the new officers time to learn their roles.

b)      Be current, full-time students of Brigham Young University- Idaho in good standing, defined as not on academic or disciplinary probation.  Any change in this status shall require resignation within 10 school days.

c)       Meet an attendance requirement of two thirds of all meetings.  Any Officer who fails to meet attendance requirements may be dismissed by a majority vote of the Executive Body which will consist of the President, the Vice President, and a minimum of three other Officers.

d)      Prepare a written report at the end of their term which outlines specific responsibilities in order to assist future holders of that said position.

e)      Act as a mentor for the new officer elected to that specific position.


Section 2

The President shall:

a)      Be vested with all executive powers of the Society unless otherwise delegated within the By-laws.

b)      Preside at all meetings of the Society or of the Executive Body.

c)       See that all officers of the Society perform the duties assigned to them in an efficient manner.

d)      Vote on all Executive Body motions if there is a tie.

e)      Hold this position for one semester and then will be replaced the following semester by the vice president

Section 3

The Vice President shall:

a)      Preside over meetings in the absence of the President

b)      Attend meetings as needed with the President and the Advisor

c)       Report to members concerning the status and progress of the society.

d)      Supervise activities outside of meetings.

e)      Work with the president to evaluate performance of the society and its officers.

Section 4

The Treasurer shall:

a)      Record finances of the society.

b)      Collect any fees of members

c)       Advise the president concerning expenditures.

d)      Draft a budget each semester.  This budget must be turned into the office of Guy Hollingsworth, KIM 210, during the first week of the semester.

Section 5

The Secretary shall:

a)      Create an agenda for all officer meetings

b)      Record minutes at each meeting

c)       Ensure that the scheduled meetings, activities, and events do not conflict one another.

d)      Regulate e-mails and newsletters to the society and report needed correspondence to the president

e)      Attend officer meetings and assist the presidency in other tasks.

Section 6

The Events Committee Chair shall:

a)      Coordinate and plan events of the current semester with the presidency

b)      Help the presidency in planning quality events for the next semester

c)       Submit a record of all contacts to the secretary for the society records

d)      Give details of all events to the Marketing Committee Chair in order to advertise and inform accounting majors of the events

e)      Assist in making sure all events run smoothly and as planned

Section 7

The Marketing Committee Chair shall:

a)      Create a weekly email to be sent to all accounting majors informing them of upcoming events and other information of importance

b)      Create advertisements for events with help of the Events Committee Chair

c)       Find creative and innovative ways to keep accounting majors informed and participating in society events

d)      Contact classes to inform students and organize the officers in these visits

Section 8

The Research Committee Chair shall:

a)      With help of the presidency decide upon topics to research in order to strengthen the society in order to meet its purpose

b)      Provide all research directly to the president

c)       Help the presidency and Events Committee Chair in order to put research into action

Section 9

The Service Committee Chair shall:

a)      Investigate and find service opportunities for society members to participate in

b)      Submit written request, via e-mail, to the president for all service activities

c)       Coordinate service opportunities with the Events Committee Chair and Marketing Committee Chair

d)      Oversee the carrying out of each service activity

e)      Report the outcome of the activity to the president

Section 10

The Media Committee Chair shall:

a)      Maintain the Society website

b)      Provide multimedia in order to enhance each society meeting and the website

c)       Find creative and innovative ways of using media in order to accomplish the purposes of the society

Section 11

The Mentor Program Chair shall:

a)      Coordinate with the Marketing Committee Chair in order to advertise the mentor program

b)      Help connect those students  who desire student mentors with those who are willing to be student mentors

c)       Help society members find their own professional mentors

d)      Help society members understand the different paths the accounting degree has to offer

e)      Help society members learn networking and professional skills


All activities shall be safe and properly advised and chaperoned to assure wholesome activities for students and ensure that the name of BYU-Idaho is not associated with any activity that would be damaging to its reputation.


The Student Accounting Society Presidency will meet as deemed necessary.  Society meetings will take place weekly and will be announced via e-mail.  Other meetings and events may take place outside of the regularly scheduled meetings if desired; these other events will also be announced via e-mail.


Section 1

Members shall:

a)      Be current, full time students of Brigham Young University- Idaho.

b)      Meet an attendance requirement of two thirds of all meetings

c)       Pay membership dues of $10 each semester

Section 2

The Student Accounting Society will not deny membership to any student on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.


The Student Accounting Society must have adequate faculty support.  The advisor must be a full-time BYU- Idaho faculty member.  Any other proposed advisor who is not a full-time faculty member must receive approval in writing from the College Dean with stewardship over the relevant discipline.  The faculty advisor is expected to make some commitment of time to the society and its activities.  As a minimum, he/she must be willing to meet with student leaders at least once a semester, attend events, and coordinate with the department chair and College Dean on the society's activities.


The Student Accounting Society may:

a)      Schedule university facilities and services for meetings and other approved activities.

b)      Use the university mailing address.

c)       Have an account through the BYU- Idaho Accounting Office.  Societies may not set up a private off-campus account.

d)      Levy dues according to established policy.

e)      Invite approved speakers to the campus for society meetings.

f)       Maintain a society webpage using the BYU-Idaho domain in accordance with current policies.