Manwaring Center

Manwaring Center

All space scheduling is coordinated through the Scheduling Office 496-3120. Specific considerations include:

Meeting Rooms

Manwaring Center practice and meetings rooms are available to students and employees of BYU-Idaho. While it is permissible to just find an open space, reservations may be made by contacting the Scheduling Office in MC 193, calling 496-3120, or creating an account for self-serve online scheduling. Students may request a reservation up to two days in advance. Use of the rooms is limited and restricted to university-related needs (e.g. study for courses or business meetings).

Booth Space

*Keeping the exit routes unobstructed in case of emergency egress is a matter of maintaining safety code. Occupational Safety and Health Administration code states: “Exit routes must be free and unobstructed. No materials or equipment may be placed, either permanently or temporarily, within the exit route.”

The Crossroads Stage

  • The stage and screen are intended for live events (which may include live broadcasts of sports events).
  • The screen may be used in conjunction with a live event, but is not intended to be used by itself for recorded events, or for digital marketing purposes.
  • The stage and projection screen are not intended as a marketing channel.


Food served in the Manwaring Center must be purchased through Food Services or University Catering.