Check out all of the High Ropes Courses and Initiatives you can do at the OLC

  Blue Barrel O'Fun


 All together participants move the barrel from one spot to another without the use of their hands.  

 Climbing Tower

 A participant will climb up a rock wall 30 ft. while on belay. Once fully ascended, they will be hooked into a zip line lanyard and will zip down to the ground.

Giant Swing

Participants will sit in a harness suspended in the air attached to a pull-rope.  The rest of the participants will hoist them up 30 ft. using the pull-rope.  The participant will then release themselves causing them to swing back and forth.

Incline Log

While on belay participant walks up an inclined log attempting to balance without using the belay rope. When they reach the top of the log (20 ft.) they clip onto the belay rope of the horizontal log making sure to use proper commands (commands listed in course procedure). Participant then continues to walk across horizontal log. Upon reaching the end of the log the participant turns around and returns to the middle of log. Participant is then lowered to the ground.  

 Jungle Gym

Participants choose a course through a series of elements on the Jungle Jim (30 ft.) depending on number of students, time allotment, and physical capabilities.

Power Pole

Participant climbs up a 25 foot pole using a ladder and staples attached to pole. When the Participant reaches the top they must balance and stand straight. Once they're at the top they jump off being secured by a belay team. If the participant wishes they can challenge themselves by attempting to hit a suspended tennis ball at the top, but this isn't necessary.

Prison Wall

Using teamwork, participants lift one another over a 15-foot, flat surfaced wall. The purpose of the activity is to send all participants over the wall in the quickest time possible.

Proudy's Landing


The objective is for all participants to swing to the platform without knocking over the log frame and without touching the ground.


Participants pair up in groups of two. Then one participant is blind folded and placed on one end of the course. The Other participants stands on the other side of the course and using vocal commands guides the blindfolded participant through the course to the other side. The course is an open field with scattered rocks and logs enclosing the course.

Save The Baby

Participants must retrieve a baby or any object of importance from the center of a circle using only a rope and stationary pole in the center of the circle. The objective is to get the object back outside the boundary of the circle.

Spiders Web

Participants help each other through a series of tangled strings resembling a spiders web. Participants are not allowed to touch the string

Wild Woozy

Two participants, using each other for support, balance on two suspended cable slightly above the ground. The objective of the activity is to get as far as possible on the cables. The cables gradually widen as the participants move farther along the course.