BYU-Idaho: Sacred Music Series

Composer: Crawford Gates

Text by: Crawford Gates

Conductor: R. Kevin Call


Soprano: Sheri Pack

Alto: Rebecca Olsen

Tenor: David Peck

Bass: Joseph Cherrington


BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra

A Cappella Choir

Concert Chorale

Visions of Eternity (1993)

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Hear, O Ye Heavens
I The Lord, Am Merciful
Will I Reveal All Mysteries
Even the Wonders of Eternity
Their Wisdom Shall Be Great
By My Spirit Will I Enlighten Them
Meditaion: Prelude
While We Meditated
We Beheld the Glory of the Son
We Saw the Holy Angels
Now After the Many Testimonies
Meditation: Postlude
He Was Called Perdition
Lo, He is Fallen
Lament for Perdition
We Bear Record: For We Saw and Heard
It Is Written: They Are Gods
To God and the Lamb Be Glory

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