BYU-Idaho: Sacred Music Series

Composer: Eda Ashby

Text by: Eda Ashby

Conductor: Kendell Nielsen


Soprano: Maria Stacey

Alto: Kathryn Kinjo

Tenor: Ross Graham

Baritone: Jon Linford

Narrator / Angel: Blake Howard

Narrator: Steven Spiel


BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra

Collegiate Singers

Men’s Choir

Women’s Choir

The Tree of Life: Redemption (2007)

Play, Download* Track Title
Prologue and Overture- The Majesty of God
The Garden of Eden
No Unclean Thing
Thou Hast Hid Thy Face
Oh, My Father
Compound in One
Opposition in All Things
Valley of the Shadow- The Dark and Dreary Waste
The Tree
God Himself Shall Come
Blessed Be the Name of God
Gethsemane- The Love of God
The Light of the World
And it Was Noised Abroad
Pastorale Meditation
The Bread of Life

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